Sandra Bartels

My name is Sandra Bartels. Together with my husband I founded the

Bartels Group in 1996. Since then I have supported and established in

all different stages of development. We are now an innovative recruitment


I was born in Switzerland and lived in Tehran for several years attending an

American International School. After that I went to Germany to do my A-levels, 

my job training and to finish my studies.

Completing my training as a commercial assistant for foreign languages in English and French together with my business studies with an emphasis on international business and trade, I predominantly maintain and build international contacts and bring people together.

These contacts are mainly international companies who want to expand to the German-speaking market (DACH), seeking to grow and to establish there. Such companies are frequently able to offer interesting career opportunities to employees in Germany.

I consider myself as a bridge between the companies and candidates. Hence I see my responsibility in giving my utmost care to bring both parties together.

I look forward to connecting with you via LinkedIn or Xing!

With best wishes,

Sandra Bartels